[s-cars] Lower (black) door molding replacement?

Eric Phillips gcmschemist at gmail.com
Tue Aug 1 13:29:13 EDT 2006

Replacing that molding strip is dead simple.  The only funny thing is the
little cap on the forward edge.  It has little metal locking tabs that rust
and break off.  No big deal, really - I have two like that, and they
friction-fit just fine in my replacement molding.  I replaced all four with
ECS-supplied parts, and it took me a whole hour to do.  And most of that was
cleaning up the dirt that had lodged under the moldings.  If you grip the
rear-most portion of the molding (open the door first, LOL) and pull
straight back, the old molding will slide out, and the little cap will fall
on the ground.  Don't lose the little cap.  AFAIK, you can't get

Clean up the years of dirt, add a little silicone spray lube to the channel
in the molding, and slide the replacement back on.  Stick the little cap in
front where it looks like it should go, and you're done.

It took me longer to type this e-mail than it takes to get this job done
(other than cleaning the dirt off the door.)

So simple even I can do it.  :)


On 8/1/06, hoog23 at aol.com <hoog23 at aol.com> wrote:
>  Eric and All:  Its the black rubber molding on the bottom edge of the
> door.
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> > > As part of my 'audi experience' when having the dealer replace my >
> pulley/balancer/belt last month they managed to screw up the lower rubber >
> molding on the front passenger door (obviously trying to get at the >
> computer). > > I ordered a new one (they gave me a discount at least). > >
> Anyone ever replace one? Does the door panel have to come off? > > Or should
> I prepare for round 3 fight with the service manager and make > them install
> it? On principle, I might make them PAY for AND install it. But, if they
> fooked it up once, they might fook it up again, AND some other thing.
> Replacing this lower molding (I am assuming on the outside?) is easy. But
> let's verify which molding your talking about, because I have no idea why
> they would bother with the door molding at all - when I did the ECU swap,
> that molding was so far out of the way as to be a non-factor. So, before I
> give you a sunshiny reply on how even *I* can do it, let's see what you
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