[s-cars] Actually the problem is worse than I thought.

Adrian Hart adrian.h at red-wing.com
Tue Aug 1 17:39:59 EDT 2006

Earlier I posted about the flat spot I've been experiencing. There is 
another problem I thought I had fixed (by replacing the plugs and 
connectors) but have not. There is an intermittent and severe misfire. 
The car will run sweetly, then suddenly lose a lot of power and run 
with throbby "boomy" exhaust noise. This might continue for several 
miles then suddenly everything will come back to normal and away we go. 
The problem *might* be initiated when I hit a rough bit of road, 
indicating some sort of dodgy connection. What's the deal with the 
coil-packs? Are they strictly go/no-go or are they capable of 
functioning intermittently? Supporting facts are a petrol smell in the 
engine bay when running like this and stinky exhaust.

Any help here greatly appreciated.

Adrian Hart.

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