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Douglas Fifield douglas.fifield at gmail.com
Wed Aug 2 23:51:12 EDT 2006


I have my 13913 sensor and my mating socket with the wires as you
describe. You talk of rearranging wires in the socket to match the
wire set-up in the sensor plug.

Two questions:

1 How did you rearrange the wires in the socket, and

2 How can you tell which pins on the sensor plug are attached to the
white wires?

On my generic sensor, the wires are covered in insulation up to the plug.


On 7/13/06, Igor Kessel <KBATPO at comcast.net> wrote:
> Jerry Scott wrote:
> > Bill
> > This appears to be a harness and not just the connector.
> > Jerry
> >
> > Bill Mahoney wrote:
> >
> >> Folk's
> >> I think this may the correct part no. for the three wire  95-7395-cp
> >> available here:
> >> http://pointe-products.com/Items.asp?query=yes&Search=95-7395-cp&x=36&y=13
> >>
> >> Dunno for sure it's correct though.
> >> This is a great Igor find since we been lookin for these seemingly forever.
> >> How nice will it be to just plug n play O2 sensors huh?
> >> Thanks Igor!
> >> Bill~O2~M
> Yet, it looks like the one I have. It comes with 4 wires about 15 cm
> long (RED, YEL, BLK, BLK/WHT). I used 3 of those which I rearranged
> inside the plug, so that the YEL and RED are now the heater circuit and
> mate to the two OEM WHT ones. The BLK one mates with the OEM BLK one for
> the signal. I left BLK/WHT unused but did not pull it out from the
> connector because I wanted it to remain waterproof.
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