[s-cars] Europa Blue //S6 in Westmont

pkrasusky at ups.com pkrasusky at ups.com
Fri Aug 4 12:57:18 EDT 2006

Um, not sure 'who' that might be, but no.

Just after //SFest 2005 I received an email from a gentleman here in CT
who claims he has one.  Bought new and imported from Italy.  He's down
near Quinnipiac.  I figured it was one of you all F'n with me and only
took it 1/2 serious, but decided to contact him again earlier this
summer to see if he'd gtg with me.  Have yet to rendezvous with him to
confirm, thought I had him coming 8/26 but he bagged unfort.

I *have* spent the better part of my day confirming the other
'surprises' I have in store for you who are coming.  The good news is so
far so good.  DAYYYYUM, is all I have to say.

Brace yerselves.


ps.  Ron whattayamean, unconfirmed (er, not confurmed)???  Not
acceptable (axceptible?)!!!  8-)
pps.  one interesting arrival I'll let you in on will be Ron's buddy
Adam in Elijah Allen's former AAN'd CQ...  whodathunk it'd end up wayway
out here?


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ps.  bummed, I had the local guy lined up to come with
his alleged '96 
//S6 Plus Avant this year but he's bringing his
daughter to college.  
Oh well, I tried 8-(...

 Buwa...the boys from up North way??? :-(
Ron `not confurmed yet` W
90 80q 2.6l 20vt stroker project
90 v8q 3.6 not stock
93 v8q 4.2 "The Green Monster"

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