[s-cars] RF remote key for 95.5 S6

McCall, Randy rmccall at nexant.com
Sun Aug 6 12:45:37 EDT 2006

Previous owner didn't send some promised stuff including the remote key
fob (the extra's were at his Vail home, he'd send it all soon, yadda
yadda - now doesn't return calls...anyone know Ted Gusick in Longmont

Dealer quoted me $160 or so for part number 8D0 959 753A for the '96.
Can someone be so kind as to tell me if that's the correct part number
for a '95.5 S6 with RF remote system?  Also does anyone have the FCC#?
Ebay has a few that look similar (and ~half the dealer price) to what
looks like the correct 2-button key fob, but no Audi part number; the
listed fob is FCC# HC3B70000102.  


'91 200 20V Avant
'95.5 S6 Avant
'01 Allroad (Wifes luxury cruiser)

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