[s-cars] How-to: AAN Serpentine Belt Tensioner Rebuild

Robert Rossato r0ssat0_987 at att.net
Sun Aug 6 20:35:21 EDT 2006

The only part that would be replaceable would be the bearing for the pulley itself, and this would require drilling out some rivets and reassembling with bolts (unless you can find appropriate sized rivets and installation tool).  The bearing is a standard part - part number is something like 6203???  Don't recall for sure.  Just know it's got a "6" in it and some alpha identifiers at the end.  How's that for help?

In any case, it sounds like you're describing a problem with the spring tensioning portion of the assembly, which as far as I know, is not something you can fix.


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From: "Paul Heneghan" <paul at heneghan.co.uk>
> Hello Fred & JR and others.
> My S6 Avant developed a serp belt tensioner problem hours before a holiday
> in France. Fortunately, I was able to swap in the one from my wife's saloon
> (took about 15 mins), so the holiday went ahead.
> Now I'm back, and need to fix the tensioner. Apparently Fred Munro wrote up
> a how-to on replacing the bearing. Was this the bearing for the idler wheel
> (which is fine), or the bearing for the tensioning bit (which is in a really
> bad state)?
> Any BTDTs or pointers to the pdf gratefully received.
> Paul
> 1995 S6 Avant (UK spec)
> 1996 S6 (UK spec)
> p.s. now I know why the serpentine belt broke last month - the tensioner was
> pressing the edge of the idler into the middle of the belt.  Bits of the
> belt ended up EVERYWHERE (except inside the timing belt cover - lucky!).

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