[s-cars] Need Help w Stuck Window - S6

Douglas Fifield douglas.fifield at gmail.com
Mon Aug 7 15:14:50 EDT 2006


Decided to fix the driver's door on my 95.5 S6A today.  The latch felt
sticky and it would not lock using the remote (the button would not go
down), a problem that had plagued me since last delving into the door
six month ago when the bowden cable came unhooked at the latch
mechanism (not the inside handle).

Long story short, after removing the door panel, unhooking all the
electrical cables and switches, removing the carrier assembly, and
lubing up the latch mechanism, I discovered that my problem was the
latch was not closing fully.  Must have been my adjustment of the
carrier assembly that prevented the door from closing enough for the
latch hook to completely close around the "pin" attached to the B
pillar.  Fixed that and went for a ride.

As I closed all the windows while running up the highway, I noticed
the "one-press up" feature on the driver's window wasn't working, but
the window closed if I held the button.  There was a bit of air noise
on the upper back corner of the door so I turned around and headed
home.  Moved the "pin" part of the latch (mounted to the B pillar) in
about a millimeter and went for another test drive.

Now I neede gas and decided to run her through the car wash at the
same time.  Wind noise gone now and I was feeling pretty pleased with
myself until I rolled the window down at the car wash and entered the
code off the gas receipt.  That went fine, but the window would not
roll back up.  Completely unresponsive.

Backed out of car wash and headed home.  Swapped the plugs on the back
of the four-switch assembly on the arm rest.  Put the passenger side
plug on the driver's swich and driver's plug on the passenger side
swich.  Switch works fine.  It's something downstream of that.  Seems
too strong a coincidence that the problem crops up as I disassemble
and reassemble the door parts.

Anyone experience a similar problem and have a suggestion?  Are there
ways of testing the components?  Is there an internal fuse somewhere?
Need help.



Douglas in MN
95.5 Audi S//6 Avant
73 BMW R60/5 mit Toaster Tank

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