[s-cars] Salvage Titles from NY state

Young, Steve sryoung at trane.com
Mon Aug 7 15:57:20 EDT 2006

Check with Delaware DMV first.  Since they will be the registering state,
they are in the "driver's seat" so to speak.  To re-register in NY, you
would have to pass a NYS DOT inspection at a state recertification facility,
not from your local mechanic.  I would think the Delaware would be similar.


Steven Young
Local Operations Manager
Albany Office

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Looking at a 1998 AUDI with a NY state 907a salvage  title,will be
registering in Delaware...Any BTDT with a 907a from NY to another
state....100% MECHANICALLY sound ,but has a rear driver door needing to be
replaced due to scrape and a rear wheelwell dent...

93' urS4
01' A4 30vQM
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