[s-cars] Looking for S6+ springs

Dave Ellis UrS4 at sympatico.ca
Tue Aug 8 19:50:36 EDT 2006

Now that Alex at Europrice is no longer carrying hard to find C4 parts 
any longer, does anyone know of a good source for S6+ springs?

I need to replace the Eibach Pro springs I had installed last year as 
they leave the car a little too low for the rough paved and gravel roads 
I'm forced to drive on all the time.

I might also consider a trade for the Eibach Pros if someone had some 
spare S6+ springs sitting around.  The Eibachs I have are the ones that 
are perfect for an Avant or leave a sedan 10mm too high in the rear, 
solvable by machining in an extra snap ring groove in the rear dampers.


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