[s-cars] '95 S6 Remote locking - key damaged and/or inoperablesystem. Trouble shooting?

Robert Rossato r0ssat0_987 at att.net
Wed Aug 9 06:49:07 EDT 2006

Welcome to the dark side, Tom.

If you have a '95 with the infrared remote, then yes, the 386 is the
right battery.  Four of them.  The 95.5 S6 uses an RF system with a
separate remote fob, and I don't know what batteries that uses.  But
that doesn't sound like what you got.

As for the remote itself, have you tried reprogramming it per the owners
manual?  Though you'll need two keys to do it.  One to turn the ignition
on and the other to lock the door.

Also, keep in mind that the IR system has a terrible range.  Mine will
only work from 2-4 feet away.  And try it from both sides as you might
have a bad sensor (that little bubble on the "B" pillar) on the driver

As far as I know, new keys are only available at the dealer, and they
ain't cheap.  Something like $160


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> Hi all - for those who lurk on the main quattro list you've 
> seen my posts
> regarding my 5000tqa. But I'm new here, having just purchased 
> a 95 S6 avant.
> Here's the deal: 
> The key with the remote was broken in half (it came that way 
> with the car).
> Let me describe: Imagine trying to pry something in half with 
> the metal part
> of the key. Metal key gives way, leaving twisted stub attached to the
> plastic "head" of the key. I do not know how this happened.
> I've replaced the batteries in the head of the key, but the 
> remote doesn't
> work. However, the owner's manual didn't specify exactly what 
> battery model
> should be used. The ones that I installed are Energizer #386 
> @ 1.55 v each.
> Wrong? If so, what is the correct battery?
> If the remote is kaput, I'm wondering about replacement options. Ie
> trouble-shooting the system and a replacement key (which, I 
> assume is a
> stealer-only part)
> Thanks in advance for the input.
> Tom
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