[s-cars] Question about IC

Dave Ellis UrS4 at sympatico.ca
Wed Aug 9 10:28:34 EDT 2006

Can't help you much with the diagnosis and repair, but you can only 
recode the odometer on a new instrument cluster or one with lest than a 
few hundred kilometers/miles (I don't remember the exact limit).

Brian Powell wrote:
> Gents,
> The wife's 96 A4q 2.8L decided today that the tach and speedometer
> will no longer work. The tach just bounces off of zero constantly
> (with engine off and key in ignition) and speedometer doesn't budge. I
> tested with VAG-COM and I get an rpm and speed reading in the
> measuring blocks, so presumably the engine speed sensor is fine.
> Anyone know how to diagnose/repair an instrument cluster? If I have to
> pick up a used one, does anyone have the VAG-COM procedure for
> recoding the used cluster to the right mileage, etc.?
> Thanks!

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