[s-cars] Passenger Air Bag 1992 retrofit?

Ernest Seow ezveedub at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 9 22:34:41 EDT 2006

That comes from the data after the government looked into it, but back then, 
it wasn't published or implemented. Same goes for the automatic upper 
seatbelts with the manual lower belt. Everybody ignored the lower lap belt, 
but most injuries in this system came from not wearing the lower belt. Some 
vehicles came with no warning about airbags, and then afterward, they had to 
recall vehicles and install sunvisors with the Airbag warnings published on 

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>If parents would read owner's manuals (which specifically state that
>kids should not ride in the front with airbags) none of those children
>would have been killed by the bags (two-seaters excluded from my rant).
>In a frontal crash, I'll take my chances with the bags.
>Ernest Seow wrote:
> >
> > Actually the Pass. Airbag was introduced in 1993. I don't think anyone 
> > want to install an additional Airbag,IMO. I would rather remove airbags,
> > especially 90's made airbags. They are more on the "aggressive" side 
>when it
> > comes to airbag explosive charge. That's what made the Feds clamp down 
> > the airbag charges and allowing disabling of the Pass airbag in 2 seater
> > vehicles because kids were being killed from them.
> > Regards,
> > Ernest.
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