[s-cars] Hey guys, your cars don't exist!

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The dealer parts guy is only as smart as the people who train them.

I have a very new version of the ETKA in front of me, and I can tell you 
that according to this program, the S4 and S6 did not exist.  When you order 
parts from ignorant dealers, the S4 is called a 100 quattro with AAN and the 
S6 is called an A6 quattro with AAN.  Best bet is to not buy from those 
dealers, or order using the part numbers.


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> WTF!
> I have an AAN in my Coupe and I needed a gasket for it.  I called TWO
> Audi dealers and had both of them tell me that a 1992 S2 didn't exist.
> I said it did indeed exist.
> Nope, no listing for a '92 S4..
>  Well, they do exist.
> No, not until 1996
> No...the original S4 was in 1992 and was eventually an S6 until 1995.5
> NO sir, you can call it that but that's not what it is...
> Well, it is badged as such
> Someone must have put those on the car, your not the original owner, 
> right?
> No but I know these cars.
> Well, there is no such thing so I can't get parts for it...must be a
> Europe-only thing...
> Well shit...
> One guy finally found it under the 100 body (100 with a 20vt?).
> What gives?  What do I need to do to get the right parts when I go to
> the dealer????
> Dave Kase
> frustrated in PA
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