[s-cars] Looking to order rear calipers at reasonable cost

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Fri Aug 11 14:43:41 EDT 2006

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Well, Dave - I'd have been happy to place the order for you, and ship them
to your UPS store, for cost.

Force5 supplies OEM pads on their reman rear calipers.  If I had to do it
again, I'd go SJM and skip the pads.  Force5 cost $125 per, plus core.

IIRC, when I worked in retail that had mail order, doing Canadian business
was about twice the work of normal in-U.S. business.  I can see why some
companies choose not to deal with that.  OTOH, dealing with companies that
have crappy shipping policies sucks -   vagparts.com didn't give me any
trouble at all - and that's a far cry different from a
U.S.-Canadaorder/shipping transaction.

Scott at SJM is great.  I'd do business with him anytime.  (The fact that he
is two days away by UPS ground doesn't hurt either.)

Good luck,


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