[s-cars] Fw: Intake hose needed

Graham Hicks urs6turbo at yahoo.ca
Fri Aug 11 20:41:37 EDT 2006

I want it for sure...how much and how?
Confirm for me that you have the one I need though because I didn't think Samco's replaced this one.
The hose I need is the one shown in the attachment and the part # is 034 133 357S.  
I hope your right though...please let me know
Graham Hicks
  UrS6Turbo at Yahoo.ca

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 I just put samcos on my car and I have one of those intake hoses...for  cheap 
 Austin TX
 In a message dated 8/9/2006 11:01:24 A.M. Central Daylight Time,  douglas.fifield at gmail.com writes:
On    8/8/06, Graham Hicks <urs6turbo at yahoo.ca> wrote:
> Does anyone    have a good spare maf to turbo hose laying around?  Mine has a split    where the it attaches to the turbo and is leaking at as low as 7psi    boost.
> I found a German auction for on, but the seller will not ship    to Canada.  My local dealer quoted $266.52 CND (that's ~$240USD).     Do you guys think the title "stealer" fits.
> Shokan wants $123 shipped    to me in Canada.
> And then there are you guys - I was hoping to find    one for ~50bucks if someone has a spare without cuts or tears that is just    sitting around.  I would really appreciate any help - vacation is coming    up and I need to get this fixed without breaking the bank.
>    Thanks,
> Graham
> Graham Hicks
>      UrS6Turbo at Yahoo.ca

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