[s-cars] Looking to order rear calipers at reasonable cost

Sean Douglas quattro20v at telus.net
Sat Aug 12 13:50:28 EDT 2006

> To avoid all that (and to often take advantage of free shipping within 
> the U.S. many companies offer), I drive across the border, declare my 
> goods at customs, and self-broker the goods back myself.  The forms take 
> about 30 seconds to fill out and I'm usually in and out within a matter 
> of minutes.  Customs charges or duty is usually $0 and I only have to 
> pay federal taxes.  With the shipping companies I have to pay provincial 
> and federal taxes, even upon the brokerage fees!


I do the exact same thing, the US border is about 15 min from my house and I 
use the Nexus pass (fast pass) that allows me to drive through a special lane 
with no or little lineup and I make the declarations with a form that is 
handed over to the border agent, and my cc is automatically charged - no need 
to go inside unless they put me through secondary inspection.

My question is how do you get away with zero duty? Most of the parts are made 
outside of USA and are not part of NFTA. I usually pay around 8% duty plus GST 
plus PST.

BTW, where did you order the calipers from and were they reman or new? I 
bought some remans recently for my 90q20v from SJM for $110 ea plus core.


Sean D.

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