[s-cars] Northeast //SFest 2006

Pasqualoni, James E james.pasqualoni at gs.com
Mon Aug 14 10:29:49 EDT 2006

//SFesters (we're all //SFesters at heart, right?):

Saturday 8/26 is coming up on us all quite quickly!  So far, we've got
over 56 confirmed 'campers' committed to coming to the "Fa//Stest //Show
on Earth".  Heh heh.  Get off yer heels and on yer wheels folks!  A good
time promises to be had by all.  This year's cast of characters

-Grill King Bob //Saas.  Watch chef Bob work his magic on a 6-foot
grill!  "Um Bob, that's not a sausage..."
-Chief Hospitality Coordinator //Steve Young!  He's not just a pro
football player and attorney, he's our main greeting man!  He's not
related to the less-well known guy who might have won a few //Super
-Head contribution coordinator and fanny pack stylist Jeff Po//Stupak.
His response from a recent //Sfest where one first-time //Sfester may or
may not have inquired, "Why should I buy raffle tix?  I mean, I don't
want or need any of that really cool stuff that our most excellent
sponsors have donated to help subsidize this awesome event?"  "Don't
make me mad.  You won't like me when I'm mad."  TRUST HIM WHEN HE SAYS
THIS AND BUY LOTSALOTSA raffle tix!  Or else...
-Chief Engineer and heater valve logistics specialist, Bob Ro//Ssato.
"You guys try the outdoor shower yet?"
-Chief Executive Officer and Official valet artiste Paul Kra//Susky.
"Are the keys in the car?  Why didn't you leave the keys in the car?
How many years we been through this?"

There you have it.  If you're on the fence, commit!  For those that
already have, see you on the 25th or 26th as the case may be.

Feel free to send any questions to myself, Steve Young, Jeff Posto or
Bob Rossato, as Mr. Krasusky's passing some time at Hampton Beach
practicing his valet routine.  "Hello, Hampton Police, what is the
problem you'd like to report?"  "There was some guy down here on the
beach offering valet parking.  I couldn't find him to get my car back,
but I noticed it parked in a field in line with 50 other cars...".
'Nuff said.

Be there or be, um somewhere else...

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