[s-cars] Northeast //SFest 2006

bob.rossato_af at cox.net bob.rossato_af at cox.net
Mon Aug 14 14:32:33 EDT 2006

Ahh, have no fear.  There will be a shower.  Hot even.


---- Igor Kessel <KBATPO at comcast.net> wrote: 
> bob.rossato_af at cox.net wrote:
> > Igor, my friend - You need a better tent.  One without holes ;-)
> That was a figure of speech, Bob. I am more concerned with the lack of 
> the morning shower.
> Although I did the tent thing once... when I was 12 or so... In January 
> you-know-in-which-country. Got to sleep in a sleeping bag in a tent 
> standing on pine tree branches cut off and thrown under the tent on the 
> snow. Brrrrr.... never again.
>  > We'll put together a list of area hotels/motels and send out over the 
>  > next couple of days.
> Thx for putting it together, Bob. I look forward to receiving it.
> -- 
> Igor Kessel
> two turbo quattros

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