[s-cars] Unexpected behaviors

Robert Myers bob at chips-ur-s.com
Mon Aug 14 20:32:57 EDT 2006

Hi Y'all,

I put a new battery in the urS6 ('95.5) today.  I expected the usual 
items.  Radio code, reset dash clock, etc., and was prepared to handle them.

Unexpected behavior 1:
When the battery was back in and power was applied to the system I 
noticed that the temperature setting display of the climate control 
head was in degrees Celsius.  What the...?  OK, I rummaged through 
the owner's manual and found how to toggle the display back to 
degrees Fahrenheit.  It's press and hold the recirc button and then 
press the + temperature setting button if anyone cares.

Unexpected behavior 2:
The one touch feature for the windows was no longer doing its 
thing.  I had to push and hold the up and down buttons for any of the 
windows to either open or close the windows.  I figured that I would 
sit down for another RTFM session later after I got home from the 
meeting I was heading to.  Before the trip was over the one touch 
feature had reset itself without my intervention and the windows were 
again operating normally.

Strange.  Any guesses as to why?

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