[s-cars] Manual seat parts for C4

Robert Rossato bob.rossato_af at cox.net
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To the best of my recollection the stripper model was called simply 100.
No "S", no "E", no suffix at all.  And it was only available in '92.
Possibly '93, but definitely not in '94.  It had no power seats,
sunroof, heated seats, remote locks, ski sack, front fog lights,
nuttin'.  Not even an outside temp gauge (okay I'm cheating now and
looking at the '92 100 brochure I've got).  And none of these things
were available as options.  Only option you could get on the car was the
auto transmision.

The one good thing it had that I always thought might be a desirable
substitution on our cars is a non-servotronic power steering rack.  I'm
speculating that the non-servotronic steering rack might have a better
feel than our servotronic steering racks with the servotronic


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> Taka Mizutani wrote:
> > Don't you need a side mount for the Pole Position? I would 
> think a bottom
> > mount would make the seat really tall, as you mentioned.
> > 
> > I don't recall manual seats in any of the C4 cars sold in 
> the US, but you
> > might want to try looking for an Audi 100S, circa '92-94, 
> IIRC. They were
> > the most stripped out of any of the C4 cars sold in the US- 
> they had manual
> > air conditioning (no climate control), among other things, 
> and maybe no
> > sunroof?
> Hey! Be nice. My '94 100S Avant may be stripped, but is has been
> 10x more reliable than my 200. And not nearly as entertaining.
> My 100S has manual HVAC (3 knobs -- fan, temp, vent location).  It
> has a sunroof, and a manual passenger seat. But the driver's side
> seat is powered (for/aft, recline, height), with a switch that looks
> like the side-view of a seat, not like with cheesy GM-style switches
> of the 200.  Just a point of reference; no guarantee they all came
> that way.
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