[s-cars] Fast S4, who is it....

Markus Fagervik markus.fagervik at abo.fi
Thu Aug 17 04:27:29 EDT 2006

Dave, any good, specific links in English don't come to mind, sorry. 
I'm, however, not following the nordic HP Audi scene that regularly.

Many of the Swedish/Norwegian top dogs hang out on zatzy.com, but most 
of the discussion is in swedish. For engine pics you could browse 
through the "Projekt" (=projects) section on zatzy's forum.

Some of the nordic S2 owners also hang out at s2forum.com, a UK based 


Quoting djdawson2 at aol.com:

> These guys make our stuff look like peanuts.  I do also wonder how
> streetable they are.
> Markus, are there any good links that you know of that clearly
> discuss engine mods in English?  Ones with good pictures of installed
> engines?  Specs of turbos, etc?  Thanks.
> There are some nice videos of 200 20v cars running 200mph as well.
> Good stuff.
> Dave 
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> The fast UrS4 belongs to Jens Eklund from Umea, Sweden. Apparently 
> equipped with NOS and a really long exhaust manifold that bolts up to
> a huge hotside housing.
> His best time at Mantorp was 9.8716 s/231,44 km/h. Still, not quite 
> fast enough to be the fastest Audi of the day, but probably the first
> UrS4/S6 ever to run a 9?
> For pics go to: http://www.audi200.net
> -> UK -> Gallery - Picture gallery -> Mantorp2006 -> Page 7
> /Markus

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