[s-cars] Subject: Re: Manual seat parts for C4

Tom Mullane tmullane at gmail.com
Thu Aug 17 12:15:45 EDT 2006

The way the seat frame mounts to the floor pan might be different for manual
and power.  It is on the 90.  The rear is the same, but the front on the
power seat bolts to the floor while the manual bracket slides through a
center mount.  I'd vote for buying a shot power seat and stealing the base.


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Subject: Re: [s-cars] Manual seat parts for C4
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Having seen the factory Recaro seats apart and mentally comparing them
to the Recaro race seat I have, the base cushion height is the same.
So, if you can sit in the stock seat with a helmet, then you should fit
fine with the recaro race bucket on the OEM seat base.

The 100/A6 seat base might be an option but I wasn't sure if it might
mount differently than the ones for the Recaros.  Haven't seen the
standard seats apart.


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