[s-cars] cabin filter retrofit?

Dave Forgie forgied at ae.ca
Fri Aug 18 12:25:56 EDT 2006

Okay. Maybe I meant "as least as effective on a dollar per retrofit basis" 
as the OEM S6 system.  Either way, the S6 system is nice and I wish I had 
it but with an S4, the cost of retrofitting a cabin air filter just isn't worth it.
 (IMHO). / Dave F.

>>> Igor Kessel <KBATPO at comcast.net> 08/18/06 09:17AM >>>
Dave Forgie wrote:
> You wish.  Can be done but likely at a cost equal to the value of your car. 
> Requires the swap to the later S6 AC box under the passenger side cowl.  
> The 92-94 S4 boxes do not have the slot for the filter. The NA S6s came with 
> the slot for the filter but typically, no filter.  In that case, all you need to do is
>  add the filter.  For the S4s, bring a hanky and take Claritin. Cheaper and at 
> least as effective. 

You should have seen the colour of the 2 y/o filter that I replaced in 
my car a month ago Dave.  And that's rural Pennsylvania. It's a shame 
that the 92-94 cars don't have a slot for the pollen filter in the A/C box.

Igor Kessel
two turbo quattros

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