[s-cars] '92 S4 for sale at S-Fest

Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at gmail.com
Tue Aug 22 21:54:32 EDT 2006

So now if you don't OWN an S-Car, your opinion is obviously worth less?!?

Sorry Dave, but I like all kinds of cars- Japanese, American, German,
British and Swedish.

Just because you're fixated on preserving your car doesn't mean that your
should be valued over anyone else's.

Calling my car a "turbo rice bucket" is not only pejorative, it is
derogatory to Asian
people, especially in the context that you use it.

My car ownership is irrelevant- obviously your goals and mine are not the
same, but I
still don't see why you always seem to take a "higher than thou" attitude
toward anyone
who disagrees with you.

I highly doubt you would use the same type of comment if I had a Porsche
993RS 3.8.

I guess my knowledge of cars, my enthusiasm for these old Audis (I don't
really like any
of the current cars save the RS4 and S8) and my continued participation on
this list aren't
worthy of your time. So block my emails and get over it. It's a freaking
car- it's not like someone
said "I'm bored with my kid, so I had him put down." Geez.


On 8/22/06, Dave Forgie <forgied at ae.ca> wrote:
> Taka:  Do you even own an S-car now?  Aren't you driving some kind of
> Japanese turbo rice bucket?
> At least my opinions are based on owning and trying to preserve the S-car.
> Dave F.

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