[s-cars] POS swap - wiring Q

urs6 at wi.rr.com urs6 at wi.rr.com
Tue Aug 22 23:31:42 EDT 2006

Shortly after starting out on trip to the in-laws house this weekend, 
my S6 began to shudder and lose power at all speeds.  The sensation 
was akin to driving on rough pavement and was accompanied by bad smell 
from the exhaust so I figured I either lost a coil or POS. After 
sequentially pulling the power to each injector, I was able to isolate 
the miss to cylinder #5. When I swapped the two POS, the miss moved to 
cylinder #2. Time to tap into that extra channel on the passenger-side 

Although I was able to dismantle the POS connectors to access the 
wiring for the bad channel, I cannot get those damn wires out.  Is 
there a keymaster out there that can share the code to this puzzle 
before I ruin the connector and/or wiring?



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