[s-cars] '92 S4 for sale at S-Fest

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When it comes to manufacturer support, Audi has got to be one of the worst out there.
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You know what ultimately caused me to sell my 200q 20v? Parts availability.

At least with MBZ and Porsche, you can get parts for the cars, even if they're old.

VW and Audi just deletes part numbers from their catalogue, which puts plenty 
of good parts into limbo (a part could be sitting on a dealer's shelf, part number could
get deleted and then no one will know that it's sitting there). They also scrap wholesale
a ton of parts (like all of those 6-speed transmissions a few years ago). Then the 
part numbers are gone forever- makes fixing up a car nearly impossible without having
several parts cars and a good supply of spares.

Much as I'd love to keep it, I really liked that car. Had I gotten the Z06, I would have kept 
it so that I could drive in rain and snow. :-)

Unlike Forgie, the only Toyotas I'd drive are JZA80 Supra Turbos, the new LS460 (done VIP-style) and the Land Cruisers w/ turbodiesels.

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