[s-cars] '92 S4 for sale at //S-Fest

Gabriel Caldwell gabriel at ts.bc.ca
Wed Aug 23 19:36:34 EDT 2006

I know a couple of guys here in Canada that could strip an s-car to the
frame in less than a day.


Gabriel Caldwell

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I need the right side LCD from the climate control...
Any one have a dead CC head the want to part with, as long as the lcd is
broke I am happy.

Sounds like I am bringing compressor and impact to help the
What U say Canadians VS the Americans....

We took ya in Hockey :-)




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>I wonder how long it would take the //S-Fest to part out a S4?  Or
> maybe two with competing teams?
> That's our first amendment, Dave, not the Queen's.  Everything up
> there is fair game.  Just be glad you're not Pete, or Repeat.  :-)
> So, what are you bringing to this //S-Fest, Taka?  We might want to
> chop it up too, or stuff an AAN in it .  :-)  It sounds like a feeding
> frenzy is in the making for S-parts.
> And, I'm bringing the fabled 100/A6 Bentley Factory Repair Manual
> 1992-1997, with S4 and S6 models, including Avant models in
> the print edition, in case someone needs to read how to.
> Tom
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>> I give up.  I was just trying to suggest that UrS cars are still
>> rare cars and offering "live" (non-totalled) cars for prices
>> approaching parting-out wreck prices is just going to kill another
>> one.
>> Part-em out, fellows.  Just makes the remaining cars even rarer.
>> And by the way, when I added "IMHO" at the end of my first post, I
>> presumed that freedom of speech was a valid concept on this forum
>> and I could express my opinion as such, an opinion.  You don't have
>> to agree with it.
>> Dave F.
>>>>> "Taka Mizutani" <t44tqtro at gmail.com> 08/22/06 05:39PM >>>
>> Heck, if Rich wants to sell his car for $5k, so be it. And if
>> someone wants
>> to chop up a '97
>> S6 for a S2 conversion, what are you going to do, sue the guy?
>> It's his car, it's a free country, he can do whatever he wants
>> raffle it at S-Fest). :-)
>> Heck, if I had the funds that's exactly what I'd do (get a CQ,
>> convert it to
>> RS2+ spec, chop
>> up a S4/S6 to get the parts).
>> Taka
>> On 8/22/06, Dave Forgie <forgied at ae.ca> wrote:
>>> <$5K?
>>> Dude - you're depressing the market with that price. Parts cars
>>> that have
>>> been in an accident go for $3.5K (or less).
>>> At <$5K, you're donating the car to somebody's CQ to S2 conversion.
>>> IMHO.
>>> Dave F.
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