[s-cars] SS brake line/fraying

Donna Green trgreen at comcast.net
Wed Aug 23 20:23:09 EDT 2006

You guy still don't get it, do you?

Brett had the right idea, but didn't get the message across.  The SS  
lines are great
for brake response or pedal feel, especially for the enthusiast. But,  
he is the guy
that changes his brake fluid and inspects the lines every track day,  
not slap them
on and forget it for four years.   These lines were only made to last  
for two years,
replace the lines when  you flush the fluid, and look them over more  
often than that.


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> Matt,
> The same thing happened to me.  I ran Paragon Performance SS brake
> lines on my S6 for four years.   When I inspected them earlier this
> summer, one of the rear lines was frayed.  I replaced all of lines  
> with
> a set from Stoptech.  Hopefully the new lines will last longer.
> --Eugene
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> rs6 at wi.rr.com urs6 at wi.rr.com
> Tue Aug 22 23:07:28 EDT 2006
> After reading the recent thread about the stainless steel brake lines,
> I felt compelled to check the condition of the lines that were
> installed on my S6 about five years ago.  I was surprised to learn
> that the right rear line was badly frayed near the coupling to the
> hard brake line (see attached pictures).  These lines came from
> Paragon Performance. The other three lines looked fine with the
> exception of rusty couplings.  I'm not sure what caused the RR line to
> fray but the exposed SS threads are extremely sharp and would have no
> problem cutting through the brake hose underneath. Check your SS brake
> lines periodically!

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