[s-cars] I need an IAT 034 905 379 B

audijim at comcast.net audijim at comcast.net
Thu Aug 24 10:46:17 EDT 2006

I need a good Intake Air Temp sensor for my AAN. It keeps tripping the check engine light on the instrument cluster. I also can not get any boost due to the default of 40 deg for the ECU when this part fails. I need it as soon as possible, or at least at S-fest. (I'll be there!) This might be a good thing, because I'm still breaking in the new build and it's not allowing me to run the car the way I built it to, which is a good thing....right? I need the sensor that has the two pin connector, not the soldered in type. 

Please try me on my cell if you can help.

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