[s-cars] High CO

Bill Mahoney wmahoney at disk.com
Thu Aug 24 12:21:52 EDT 2006


WRT passing emissions. having recently sweat this out, here's what I did to
pass in IL:

New Bosch generic O2 sensor

New plugs

New oil filter and Amsoil 20-50 oil 

New PCV valve (black hard to see discus looking thing, drivers side rear of
engine.)  Mine was leaking.

Got down to 1/8 tank and added a bottle of "Heet."

Ran it in lower gears/higher rpms for 10 minutes prior to test


Since your thermostat is done, be sure to change that.

And; I think some folks have had success with this stuff
http://www.rxp.com/whereto.htm ymmv.

Good luck!

Bill~friend of earth and speed~M




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