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Dave K.
pounding pud in PA...

pkrasusky at ups.com wrote:

>D-day is upon us, and it's raining to beat the band here.  Radar shows
>it blowing through in about an hour, so we're hoping to thaw a bit in
>the coming hours.  Likely we'll get pissed on (remember just say no to
>golden showers) randomly throughout the day tomorrow here, but, should
>be dry for the most part.
>Baloney and Maddock have just crossed into PA and are fasssst
>approaching.  Spare //S car owning Posto had his first failure in 5
>years in his red car THIS MORNING, so he's coming in his 'new' black one
>and will be here shortly.  Meyers resolved his misfire earlier in the
>week and is en-route from WbygodV.  Pasqualooney is already there and
>setting up with Domo Oregato Mr. Rossato.  Joe "Evoless" Pizzimenti is
>picking up Baloney's sister's '92 tonight and rendezvousing with //Serge
>'new' Avant (RIP Maacoavant) Filanovsky.  Tim LeClair is likely already
>on way in what I hear is his 951.  Rob Anthony left this a.m. allll the
>wayway from NC.  Strangeways is leaving Toronto shortly for a pitstop in
>Berkshires to arrive in the a.m.  Manny neither a Manny nor a Sanchez
>Sanchez left from VA a few hours ago.  My guess is Vincent is in route
>from Montreal already, and boy do we have a //surprise for HIM!
>MUWHAhahaha, pardon.
>All the last minute bases are confirmed - covered!  We're cleared for
>take off.  I've said it before I'll say it again:  BRACE
>Sounds like more this year will arrive in a.m. than p.m., which is a
>GOOD THING.  Remember, I'm done parking ya's by 2:00 sharp, and the good
>spots are full by or before then.  Get there EARLY.  First 30 get a
>gimmegoodiebag full of 4 items, next 20, 3 items, next 40 2 items.
>Remember I park ya, do not leave car w/o keys left in it or worse, lock
>it.  The 6' grille and Chefbob Saas serve food 2:00.  Raffle somewhere
>about 4-5 range.  My golly do we have an enormous breadth / depth of
>//SCHWAG this year - unreal.  
>I'm outtie in 15...  //SEE YOU THERE!!!!!!
>-Paul gittin psyched K.
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