[s-cars] Pentosin white or green bottle for my power steering fluid.

Kevin Campbell kevin.campbell at autodesk.com
Fri Aug 25 16:52:50 EDT 2006

I'll just bring it back to my mechanic and say he accidentally gave me
the wrong bottle and request an exchange.

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Yikes!  No mixy mixy...

The green can is the old mineral based stuff.  Sell to a buddy with an 
old Q or better yet dump it down the sink (that outta bring out the tree

huggers among us, hehe).

You MUST use the white can synthetic stuff, no matter how much she

Dave Kase
bomb builder...

Kevin Campbell wrote:

>A kind subscriber from the S-car list recently sold me a can of
>in the green can.  Perhaps stupidly, I cannot discern the difference
>between the white can, which I've always used, and the green can that I
>just received.
>Can someone tell me the difference and let me know if it's ok to mix
>Thanks in advance,
>Perfect 93 S4 w/ 203k mi and running like new (aside from a pentosin
>hungry steering rack.
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