[s-cars] Pentosin white or green bottle for my power steeringfluid.

David Kase davekase at pdqlocks.com
Mon Aug 28 15:41:21 EDT 2006

Well, they (who ever "they" are) say not to put the old in the newer 
cars but you can put the new in the older cars.  That's the rule.  You 
want to break it?

All this seems like a bunch of hooey over a $15 bottle of fluid.  If you 
are going to mix it, mix it.  I don't think you will get anyone here to 
bless the introduction of 7.1 into an 11S system!

You are driving an S-car for crying out loud.  Not some clapped out 
POS.  By the damn right stuff and use it!  In any case, quit wasting BW 
on this non-issue you cheap bastard.   :-P

Dave Kase
normally not offended by wasted BW...
BTW, AutoCAD sucks

Kevin Campbell wrote:

>I'm thinking of mixing the two.  What's the worst that could happen?
>I've always missed regular oil and synthetic in my dirt bikes and have
>never experienced a problem in years.
>If someone could provide me with an example of why this would be a bad
>idea I would love to hear about it.
>Thanks in advance,
>93 S4
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>As long as the can says 11S on it you can use it.  If it says 7S, you
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>>I'll just bring it back to my mechanic and say he accidentally gave me
>>the wrong bottle and request an exchange.
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>>steering fluid.
>>Yikes!  No mixy mixy...
>>The green can is the old mineral based stuff.  Sell to a 
>>buddy with an 
>>old Q or better yet dump it down the sink (that outta bring 
>>out the tree
>>huggers among us, hehe).
>>You MUST use the white can synthetic stuff, no matter how much she
>>Dave Kase
>>bomb builder...

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