[s-cars] Group Buy S4/S6 Badges... Anyone?

Harold McComas HaroldMcComas at comcast.net
Tue Aug 29 01:01:09 EDT 2006

I would be in for a set ( front and rear) for my S6 sedan. I bought a set 
when I last went to Germany in 2003. Don't remember the exact price but I 
got the front and rear for less than what the US dealer wanted for just the 

Harold M
96 S6

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> Now that everyone who ordered Euro lens have gotten them,or will shortly,
> how about another small group buy? anyone?
> How many people could use new badges,front and rear?
> we only need about 10 people to get on board for this to happen.
> Prices should be as follows:
> S4 badge front or rear $22 US each
> S6 badge front or rear $14 US each
> Shipping for either one, two, three, four, ETC. badges is $5 US
> If you have interest please drop me an email,
> thanks dave

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