[s-cars] aftermarket subframe mounts

James Murray (QA/EMC) james.murray at ericsson.com
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Try phoning: 509 -680 -1788, original e-mail below... You can also try:
addictmotorsport at hotmail.com


Previously posted by Dave Forgie:

>>> "Jason Petek" <addictmotorsport at hotmail.com> 07/03/06 09:32AM >>>
Hey Dave,

We do offer the bushings you are refering to.  At present the cheapest
we can offer them for is $75 for the rear set.  We also have front
subframe bushing kits which replace both the front large bushings in the
subframe itself and the rear mounts that are bolted to/in the chassis.
The front kit comes in two stages, a plastic/urethane version and an all
aluminum version.
  Both are $250.  The front and rear combo is $300.  Additionally, our
camber plates are $500 for the pair, spherical conversion front control
arms $1200 for the pair, and will soon be offering bump-steer
"corrected" front strut housings on an exchange basis.  We have also
just finished our fully bolt-in Walbro 255L/hr HP fuel pump upgrade kit
for UrS cars.  We fealt it might be nice to use the affordable
motorsport quality pump for an upgrade instead of the extremely priced
motorsport quality pump from bosch.  The fuel pump kit is $250, and is
completely drop in.

Jason Petek
Addict Motorsport Design


Cheers, /Jamu.

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Somebody mentioned some aluminum/urethane/awesome subframe mounts for
us.  Something about some spherical bearings too.  There was an email
address in the post, and I've tried it twice with no response.  I'd like
to get my hands on some of this stuff, but I find out where to send the
check.  I think my front mounts are just about shot and I need a
solution kind of soon.  Any help?

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