[s-cars] Update Group Buy Badges S4/S6

Gabriel Caldwell gabriel at ts.bc.ca
Wed Aug 30 02:44:33 EDT 2006

IN that case I'll take a 2000 (early) S4 rear badge since it's the same
size and logo as the UrS4 front badge.  I had the smaller 2000 (early)
S4 front badge with the clip before and it just looked pansy.

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OK, people im sorry about any extra confusion this may add to the deal.

in the last 24 hours ive learned more about the badges then i ever knew

first as for the 92-94 urS4 badges they are AWOL.

now the ones ive seen pics of are more then likely 2000 S4. 

now the funny part is that the 2000 S4 has a front part number and a
clip part number to go with it,not sure whats up with that,but they both
are available

and the rear 2000 S4 badge is also available

now the next issues is the 95 urS6 cars,

the front badge looks straight forward and is available

but the rear of the 95 urS6 had 2 different numbers for the sedan and
the avant,

the sedan is fine and available

now the avant is also shown as available but the part number has changed

4A9 853 735 B 2ZZ


4B0 853 735 2ZZ

if anyone on the list can answer the finer questions about the part
numbers from the front of the 2000 S4,

such as the clips that come separate from the badge,and also the badge
as it looks on the urS4 cars,

what we need is someone who has the 2000 S4 badges and can explain to
others how it fit the urS4 cars.

the same goes for the new rear 95 S6 avant badge,

i think we may need to get better information,in the way of an in hand
and or pictures of the parts in question,to answer any of the questions
we have about what is the right part,

if you can shed light on any of this please drop me an email,

thanks dave

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