[s-cars] Alternator is kaput - Voltage Regulator P/N?

tbickle99 tbickle99 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 30 13:33:07 EDT 2006

Hi Folks,
Many thanks to all of you guys who responded to my post about my
alternator.  I've removed the alternator and voltage regulator, and now
I have another question:

The Bosch P/N on my voltage regulator is 1 197 311 511.  There is no
Audi P/N printed on the part.  According to the FA, the Audi P/N should
be 028 903 803 E.

I've called several vendors, and none of them have this part listed in
their systems.  Instead they list another Bosch regulator, P/N 1 197
311 530.  None of the vendors have been able to tell me if this part is
an appropriate replacement for my regulator.

So... does anyone know if the -530 regulator is an appropriate
replacement for the -511 regulator?

Thanks again,
'95.5 S6

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