[s-cars] Voltage Regulator P/N

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Wed Aug 30 19:58:48 EDT 2006

I have Bosch P/N 1 197 311 511 on one alternator and Bosch P/N 1 197  
311 214
on the other, both 120 Amp alternators. Neither had a Audi P/N  
although I believe
both are original.
  I had a spare rebuilt locally and the shop used a non-Bosch  
regulator at $29
instead of the $59 Bosch part.  That means asian rim country of  
but it had no P/N.  It works fine in short-term (2 months) , so I  
would look for form
factor more than part number, since the function performed for a  
14-14.4V system
are the same.
Or simply, if it will fit, it will work.
How much is the regulator?

What is the condition of the original voltage regulator?  Does it  
still have brush
material left?  Was the alternator making any noise?  I'm prompted to  
ask how
you know the alternator is the problem because they are reliable  
units, including
the voltage regulator.  Of course, with the labor already expended to  
the alternator, you don't want to reinstall anything questionable.

Tom  '95 S6
           '95 S6 avant

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> Hi Folks,
> Many thanks to all of you guys who responded to my post about my
> alternator.  I've removed the alternator and voltage regulator, and  
> now
> I have another question:
> The Bosch P/N on my voltage regulator is 1 197 311 511.  There is no
> Audi P/N printed on the part.  According to the FA, the Audi P/N  
> should
> be 028 903 803 E.
> I've called several vendors, and none of them have this part listed in
> their systems.  Instead they list another Bosch regulator, P/N 1 197
> 311 530.  None of the vendors have been able to tell me if this  
> part is
> an appropriate replacement for my regulator.
> So... does anyone know if the -530 regulator is an appropriate
> replacement for the -511 regulator?
> Thanks again,
> Eugene
> '95.5 S6

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