[s-cars] No Start 94S4

Jerry Scott jerryscott at wispertel.net
Thu Aug 31 16:55:02 EDT 2006

This could be a stuck check valve in your fuel pump.  Try dumping a can 
of BG 44K,($23 @ NAPA), into 15 gallons of gas into the tank.

Bikeaudi at aol.com wrote:

>Looking for BTDT on no start situation w/ 94 S4 (60k mi.) Stage one TAP. big 
>clue #1. The 5 amp fuse just above the (ECU)control unit blows instantly upon 
>reinstall.   One person is suggesting that I have a coil gone bad? One thinks 
>fuel pump is bad? Battery had been allowed to run down and is now recharged. 
>No fuel present at the filter, no fuel pump noise at all. Car cranks but no 
>offer to catch and run. Fuel pump 20 amp fuse #17 is good. I am not certain how 
>to retrieve answers from the list so please copy answers to bikeaudi at aol.com. 
>Michael Conley
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