[s-cars] No Start 94S4

James Murray (QA/EMC) james.murray at ericsson.com
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You may also have a bad POS device... This is exactly what happened to
me, and the car would blow the 5 amp fuse just above the ECU. Here's how
you test to see if it's the either the POS or the coil, it's quick and

You need a few spare fuses with you. Disconnect both POS devices and put
in a new fuse, does car still blow fuse when you try to start? If not
connect up one POS (without coils connected) at a time to see if either
causes the fuse to blow, again if no fuses blow then you know it not the
POS, then you start to connect up the coils one at a time until you find
a coil that blows the fuse. 

To my knowledge a bad fuel pump will not blow the 5 amp fuse. It's
either the ECU (as Steve suggests), the POS device (which happened to
me), or a bad coil. 

Good luck, let us know what it turns out to be!

Cheers, /Jamu. 

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I will bet you that the protection circuits in the ECU have blown.  Did
you happen to jump start the car lately?  I don't know what is going on
out there, but I have repaired about eight ECUs with this same problem
in the last few months...


Michael wrote:

Looking for BTDT on no start situation w/ 94 S4 (60k mi.) Stage one TAP.
big clue #1. The 5 amp fuse just above the (ECU)control unit blows
instantly upon 
reinstall.   One person is suggesting that I have a coil gone bad? One
fuel pump is bad? Battery had been allowed to run down and is now
No fuel present at the filter, no fuel pump noise at all. Car cranks but
no offer to catch and run. Fuel pump 20 amp fuse #17 is good. I am not
certain how to retrieve answers from the list so please copy answers to
bikeaudi at aol.com. 

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