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Dos it blow instantly upon re-install without turning the car on?  If so,
then it is not any of the items being suggested here because they require
the car to be on or cranking to draw current.

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Looking for BTDT on no start situation w/ 94 S4 (60k mi.) Stage one TAP. big
clue #1. The 5 amp fuse just above the (ECU)control unit blows instantly
reinstall.   One person is suggesting that I have a coil gone bad? One
fuel pump is bad? Battery had been allowed to run down and is now recharged.
No fuel present at the filter, no fuel pump noise at all. Car cranks but no
offer to catch and run. Fuel pump 20 amp fuse #17 is good. I am not certain
to retrieve answers from the list so please copy answers to
bikeaudi at aol.com.

Michael Conley
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