[s-cars] Bose amp repair

Kurt Deschler desch at alum.wpi.edu
Sat Dec 9 16:00:36 EST 2006

The bose amplifiers are basically the same as the ones used in early ZR-1 
Corvettes. Here is a document with a schematic. I rebuilt all 4 of mine. 
You can bench test them with a small DC adapter and audio source such as a 
portable CD player.



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> Chuck, Steve, others with amp problems:
> I did a search on the web and came up with this site:
> http://www.users.cloud9.net/~brett/bose/bose.html#SECTION0002000000000000000
> 0.  I think it might be what you (and I) are looking for.
> Bob, 93//S4 in winter storage, and missing it greatly for having fun in the
> snow.
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> Hey guys,
> I recently made a post about my problems with one of my speakers and came to
> the conclusion with the help of a few listers that it is a bad amp.  Some
> one had done a write up on bose amp repair which a lister emailed to me off
> list.  I had to reformat my computer a couple weeks ago and forgot about
> this email.  Also I remembered that a few others were interested in this
> information so if anyone knows where this write up can be found would you
> please send it over the list.  Thanks
> -Chuck
> '93 S4

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