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Joshua van Tol josh at spiny.com
Thu Dec 14 22:45:20 EST 2006

Yep, you betcha they will.

Rich mixture is hell on catalytic converters. It causes the cat to  
get very hot, which can cause the ceramic honeycomb to break down.  
There are some newer converters on the market that use pleated metal  
wound into a tube, but I imagine those can get cooked too.

On Dec 14, 2006, at 6:37 PM, lebakken1 at netzero.net wrote:

> Paul writes:
>>>>>> My cats are going, cross over pipe is cracked and I'm trying to
> find replacement parts and /or a whole exhaust system thats not gonna
> put me in the poor house.<<<<<<
> Sure are alot of dead cats around here. Why is this?? Is it normal
> for them to wear out after a certain mileage? If a chipped car runs
> rich, will this burn them out faster? Clog them?
> My car runs rich with the MRC RS2/Lucas-Delphi, as evidenced by the
> soot on my rear bumper after two tanks of fuel. Others have cured the
> soot problem with the 034 Bosch RS2 replica injectors, which I will
> be installing this weekend. I never did feel comfortable putting the
> Prince of Darkness merged with GM crap on my car.
> If the soot goes away will my cats live longer??
> Craig Lebakken
> 94 S4 101K mi
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