[s-cars] Coolant

Kneale Brownson kneale at coslink.net
Thu Dec 21 16:56:48 EST 2006

I don't think any model Audi had copper and plastic radiators.  Probably an
aftermarket product.

Alternators commonly fail at the bearings and through shorting out of the
windings.  Audi alternators ride in the worst possible environment the way
they're placed down low, so they get wet inside.  Not good for either the
bearings or the windings.

At 01:56 PM 12/20/2006 -0500, Max Hoepli wrote:
>Which car uses the Cu fins that fits into type 44 Quattro Turbo?

>Anyone have experience which causes are responsible for failed alternators?
>Failed bearing? Failed brushes, stator??

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