[s-cars] boge vs bilstein shock advice

Gabriel Caldwell gabriel at ts.bc.ca
Thu Feb 2 15:10:22 EST 2006

Second on Eibach/Bilstein being the bee's knees.

Gabriel Caldwell

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I'd say the rear damping issue you mention with the Boge TG
would be totally eliminated with the Bilsteins. Probably one
of the better "packages" of spring/shock I've owned.

LL - NY 95.5 S6, MRC1, Eibach/Bilstein, ECS Stage 3 brakes, HIR
(shortly to be HID/HIR)

On 2/1/06, Dave Ellis <UrS4 at sympatico.ca> wrote:
> I have Eibach springs and Boge TG dampers installed in my '94 UrS4,
> like them just fine.  The combination is definitely much more firm and
> controlled than the original suspension.  Body roll and brake dive are
> substantially reduced.  My only complaint is the rear of the car could
> benefit from a slight increase in rebound damping (and a larger
> anti-roll bar), but it's no biggie.
> I haven't driven (or driven in) an S-car with the Eibach/Bilstein
> so I can't comment on how they compare.
> The Boges were half the price of the Bilstiens here in Canada, and
> much easier to install in the rear according to my mechanic who
> installed them (and who also used Boges in his UrS4 as well).
> -Dave
> Scot Anderson, DC wrote:
> > Tried search, but no luck.  Anyone have advice/experience with Boge
> Turbo Gas shocks.  According to Blauparts.com, Boge shocks increase
> firmness by 15% and have no reference as for the Bilsteins.  Blauparts
> them for $389 vs the Bilsteins for $479 - not a huge price diff (this
is the
> cheapest place I have found for the Bilsteins).  It seems everyone has
> Bilsteins on their urS - I assume because they are a better product???
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