[s-cars] Re: H&R sports with Konis on S6 avant

Emre Washburn yumyjager at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 22:26:38 EST 2006


Here is a post I made on Audiworld a few days after I installed the
springs (car already had Konis).
The car dropped a quarter to a half an inch more after the pictures
were talken.

92 //S4
90 Cq
40 valves 'O plenty!

On 2/6/06, Jason Mawhinney <jmawhinney at skybest.com> wrote:
> Emre,
> Thanks for the word.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with the Konis now
> since I'm hearing I probably don't need a spacer and the Konis are
> adjustable.  Yessir, I'll take a pic to see how it sits.  Any thoughts on
> whether the H&Rs will keep the avant level?
> Thanks again,
> Jason
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> Jason,
> I use the H&R Sports/Koni set up on my sedan. I love the stance and
> there is no need for the rear spacer, and the ride quality in relation
> to harshness is the same as the stock '92 springs that came out. My
> Konis are set at FULL firm, and is a bit uncomfortable. I'll be
> setting them back to 50% firm soon.
> I'd give you a link to a picture, but I'm on my PDA phone and my work
> blocks Gmail. I'll forward you a pic later tonight.
> --
> Emre
> 92 //S4
> 90 Cq
> 40 valves 'O plenty!

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