[s-cars] Front brake research continues...

Mark Strangways strangconst at rogers.com
Wed Feb 8 20:36:49 EST 2006

Took mine off, not sure why.
Bira sys 6
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> I like  the idea of a mix and match set-up where I get away for a
> relatively decent  price, I get better braking, I can do the job
> myself, and not have to make  too many mods to the car or parts (I
> prefer "no mods").  I recognize  that the shields behind the rotors
> will need to be trimmed somewhat, but I  understand that this is a very
> simple thing to  do.
> Not sure about anyone else, but I've installed the adapters/A8 rotors/big
> reds on 2 different S4's and never had to trim anything.  The complete 
> install
> is a no brainer that should take less than an hour, and give you a big 
> grin
> on that first stop.
> Dave
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