[s-cars] Front brake research continues...

Sean Douglas quattro20v at telus.net
Wed Feb 8 21:51:28 EST 2006

Brian is correct, I bought mine about a year ago, but they sat for about
6 months until I acquired the calipers. I paid close to $200 for the

Also, with my Textar pads, the brakes really squeal, but it comes and


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> > So, all I need, really, is to get ahold of some RS2 adapters.
> >
> > How in the heck am I gonna do that?  I don't even know 
> where to look!
> Eric, I put together my brake system a few years ago, and 
> convinced the two Greg's at BIRA to sell just the Sys6 hats 
> for those who want RS2 brackets with 993tt calipers and 993tt 
> rotor rings. It is now called the Sys5.
> I have a writeup with part numbers and sources at:

I purchased my RS2 brackets from Blau years ago for ~$110 for the pair.
The price is much, much higher now I am told. I believe that Sean
Douglas bought RS2 brackets recently.

If you go with the A8 rotors, you should be aware that most people
complain of loud brake squeeling. I don't have a problem with the 993tt
rotors. Also, the A8 rotors will not sit centered in the caliper (not a
problem, but may help contribute to the squeel).

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