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Your email has printed and hung up on the fridge so the wife can clearly see it!

(she thinks I bought the calipers solely for the "Porsche" logo...... but even she has experienced the fade by the overworked G60's on the Avant)

I'm still amazed that the Avant came with the same calipers as my CQ.  And even then it didn't take much to overwork them on the CQ - then add the pig of an avant to the equation.

Thanks for sharing your experience!

---- manuelsanchez at starpower.net wrote: 
> Paul,
> I have been running the ECS stage 2 kit for about 2 years.  At
> the time they came with the Euro A8 rotors, 314x30 (12.5x1.25
> in) and Hawk HPS pads.  
> Hawk HPS
> After the first month they squealed like a stuck pig. My boss
> was embarrased to ride in the car with me. He'd say, "what's
> that terrible noise". I'd respond "That's the beautiful sound
> of Performance". 
> I tried lots of things to stop it, remounted the rotors to be
> sure any rust scale had been cleaned off, various types of
> anti-squeal products (The Red CRC stuff worked the best in my
> case), even the stuff that you spray on the WEAR surface of
> the pad that was "guaranteed" to stop squeal, it didn't. I
> tried the Porsche  anti squeal pucks, with and without goop,
> no joy. I tried some mercedes shims, which actually worked for
> about a month and then the noise came back.
> What did work?  After a healthy beating at the track where
> they got nice and hot they would be quiet for about 4-6 weeks.
> Then the squeal returned.
> Textar
> At the recommendation of others I tried the oem Porsche Textar
> pads. In my case they were much much quieter when they did
> squeal. They don't squeal nearly as frequently as the Hawks.
> As mentioned they are a bit dusty. I think I found mine for
> about US$100.  Currently these are the pads I use for every
> day driving.
> I got into the habit of swapping in the Hawks for track days
> and putting the Textars back on after about a month after the
> event when the Hawks would start squealing again. The Hawk
> HPS's lasted about 6 track days and an untold amount of street
> miles (I'll guess about 7,000 miles).
> In my particular set-up, the squeal occurs mostly at what I
> call medium pedal pressure. If I drive like a granny with
> light pedal pressure, no squeal, with heavy emergency
> pressure, no squeal. Unfortunately for the average pedal
> pressure for stopping I would get squeal. Mine would be quiet
> when ice cold, once they warmed up to street temp they would
> make noise. The high heat of the track made them quiet.
> Others have experienced different results, but i have heard
> from a few with very similar experiences as mine.
> Is it worth it?  Abso-frickin-loutley. Still can't stop as
> fast as an E36 M3, but having gone to the track with the stock
> G60's and my 993TT I can say there is no comparison.  The
> confindence the big reds give is worth every penny, knowing
> that your brakes will actually work at the end of the loooong
> straight at the end of a 20 min track session just makes it
> worth it for me. The practical benefit is there, particularly
> at the track.  Occasionally the Bling factor is cool too,
> especially when you catch someone by surprise They see the
> large red porsche calipers, some of the facial expressions are
> kinda funny.
> I initially considered the BIRA route, but the timing/waiting
> didn't work for me. 
> 2 years ago the ECS Stage 2 kit was US$1,350.
> Good Luck.
> -manny
> 95.5 UrS6 Avant ECS Stage 2
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> I'm currently doing this upgrade at the moment - 993TT Big
> Reds/with the A8 323x30 rotors.   Now I'm looking to see what
> folks' experiences are with a variety of pads.  This car will
> only occasionally see track use.
> Dust and noise are a concern, but not compared to performance.
>  I'm just looking to benefit from what others have experienced!
> Thanks-
> Paul
> 95.5 S6 Avant
> 90 CQ
> 99 A6 Avant
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