[s-cars] Center drive shaft u-joint

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I don't know that this will add a lot to the problem/solution, but..... upon
getting the car from Steamboat back down to Denver, & up on a lift with a
bit more time to look at it Brendan Rudack diagnosed the following had

 "....took the green car to ASW on Weds.  Found some fasteners missing that
hold the front subframe mount in the chassis (it's a plate the subframe
bolts to).  This was allowing the subrame to hang down about an inch and
since the tranny mounts to the subframe the tranny was also hanging down.
By replacing these bolts, our center driveshaft noise decreased
substantially and the vibration is gone.  There is still an audible noise,
probably still needs a u-joint and center bearing. The good news is that I
found my receipts from the BMW center carrier bearing and the U-joint (with
grease fitting) that I used to rebuild my center driveshaft years ago.  The
center carrier bearing mounts are different, but the bearings may be the
same and can be pressed in/out and swapped.  The problem is that the rubber
surround sometimes goes bad but we can make a delrin piece to replace the
rubber  .....For the U-joint, it is unconfirmed if the u-joint I found years
ago for my Audi 90 is the same size as the S4 unit......"

HTH some one else,

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>> Hey,
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>Thanks from everybody!
>I've put the UrS4 page information and pictures here:
>    "UrS4.com page with driveshaft center bearing fix": 
>       http://www.elektro.com/~audi/transmission/
>    - Charlie

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